The Olfactory System

Our sense of smell, along with the sense of taste is part of our chemosensory system. We can smell as a result of specialized sensory cells that link to the brain. These olfactory sensory neurons are found inside the nose.

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It's fascinating! Smell is based in the olfactory system, the part of the brain that affects our emotions, memory and creativity. Studies show that:

  • Our sense of smell can ignite memories and influence our mood and behaviour
  • memories triggered by smell are generally more emotional than those triggered by sights or sounds
  • memories triggered by smell tend to be stronger than memories associated with words or images
  • smell can potentially trigger older memories than those linked to other senses

What is fragrance?

A mixture of organic ingredients that produce a distinct smell or aroma. Aromas are pervasive, pleasant and usually savoury. Coffee, for example, immediately releases a warm, rich and nutty scent that easily attracts the nose. 

Olfaction is a powerful sense. 

Fragrances can make us feel joyful or inspired, and can instantly improve our disposition, however, it can also incite feelings of fear, sadness and anxiety, and can alert us to smoke or fire and spoiled food. 

The choice of aromas and scents in our daily lives can be surprisingly wholesome and can turn our homes into sensory-stimulating environments.

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